Greater Mount Pleasant
Missionary Baptist Church

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St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church is passionate about

reaching the lost, raising mature believers,

and releasing them for a life of service

to impact this earth for the kingdom of God.


General distinctive Baptist beliefs:

  • God as Creator and Sustainer
  • The Bible the infallible, inerrant Word of God
  • The church as an institution of divine appointment
  • The virgin birth of Jesus Christ
  • The Deity of Christ
  • Salvation through faith, not by works
  • The eternal security of the believer
  • The priesthood of all believers
  • The continuing works of the Holy Spirit

Particular Baptist beliefs:

  • Baptism, by Immersion, for all believers
  • Loyalty to the scriptures for the churches authority
  • The autonomy of the local church
  • Complete separation of church and state


Not many people would travel by boat, plane, train or automobile without a destination in mind.  If a person is going to arrive at a particular destination...they need certain safeguards or certain guard rails that keep them on track to reach their destination.

As we set out to accomplish our God-given destination, the vision for our church, we identify our guiding forces or our guardrails as our core values. They are the pillars of our church that keep us on track to reach our God ordained purpose as a fellowship of believers.

We are committed to...

  • Evangelizing the lost & unchurched

  • Equipping believers with essential tools for ministry enabling them for lives of service

  • Edifying the body of Christ so that they can may grow into mature Christians

  • Exalting the Savior

  • Encouraging one another